Author Alert: Check Your Book Description & Keywords on Amazon

Amazon has pulled down books that contain author names and book titles in their description and keywords. Most of this keyword use has occurred in the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) program; some authors were warned to change their keywords, while others found their books were simply pulled off the site. Check your book description and […]

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How to Promote Your eBook Using Twitter and Hashtags

If you’re doing a free promotion with Amazon, the next step is to promote that book . You’ve got to spread the word so readers can find out about your book. There are sites that will list your book for free,, but you can also use Twitter and hashtags to connect with readers. This list […]

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Love Thy Haters: 4 Tips to Float Peacefully in the Sea of Criticism

As someone who almost tripped down the staircase in my article last week, 50 Shades of This Saved My Marriage (and It’s Not What You Think), I’m reminded that we’re all capable of much more than we give ourselves credit for – great, or not so great. After the post, the comments alerted me that […]

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How Authors Can Get the Most Out of Media Leads

Have you heard of HARO ( It’s a media leads service, and, combined with the other services available, it means there are media leads available on a daily basis. But how can you get the most out of these services? It’s simple enough to respond to a lead, but that’s only the start. If you want better […]

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Got an Older Book? Use Book Bundling to Find New Readers

Did you know you can give an old book new life? You’ll be able to start selling the book again, and find new readers in the process! How? By bundling your book. It’s not as hard as it sounds. You can take a book and split it up into smaller books. And there are many […]

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35 Sites for Promoting Your eBook Deal

Offering a free or discounted eBook is not enough any more – you’ve got to get the word out. While BookBub is the undisputed top site for such promotions, the competition to be selected for the site is so fierce most authors and eBooks don’t make the cut. So, here are 35 sites worth checking […]

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Have You Used the New Kindle Singles for Your Book?

Short on time? Now there are plugins that let you know how long it will take you to read that blog post you’ve found. A cool way to manage your time, right? Now Amazon has taken that same feature, and made it part of Kindle Singles. It’s worth knowing about because it could lead to […]

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