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I get excited about Fridays because I get to share with you some great sites I run across that may not fit into a blog post that I publish earlier in the week. It’s your chance to eat at the marketing buffet prepared by master chefs around the net. I hope you enjoy this week’s picks.

Before we get to them, I have a couple of housekeeping items I want to mention:

1. I will be conducting a workshop tomorrow (Saturday, March 28th) from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm on Marketing Tips For Authors. It’s at the Richardson Public Library and it is sponsored by The Writer’s Guild of Texas. Admission is free and all attendees will be offered a complementary copy of my upcoming Video E-Book on Marketing Tips For Authors when it’s launched. For more information, visit the Writer’s Guild of Texas Workshop Page.

2. I want to thank Michael Balkind for being a guest author this week by submitting his article on marketing your book through contests. Next Tuesday, Penny Sansevieri, CEO of Author Marketing Experts, Inc., will be our guest blogger. My guess is that most of you have heard of Penny before. If not, you will quickly become a follower of hers when you read some of the many marketing tips and advice pieces she has published for authors. In fact, she wrote the book on Red Hot Internet Publicity!

Now, on to our tour of the net for this week’s marketing tips picks. This week’s theme is blogging:

1. 5 Prerequisites For Blogging Success- Just about anything published on ProBlogger is worth it’s weight in gold. This submission by Tony Hung is no different.

2. Why No One Links to Your Best Posts (And What to Do About It)- Jonathan Morrow shoots straight with you in this “must read” article for anyone wanting to become a successful blogger.

3. 41 Blog Success Tips from 10 Years of Blogging You Can Learn Today- Chris Garrett gives a very comprehensive list for successful blogging that’s also very easy to understand. Pour yourself a cup of mocha and dig in.

4. Business Blog Success: 10 Tips for a Profitable Blog- Rich Brooks gives 10 great blog tips, especially if you are looking to use your blog to earn an income.

5. Blogging Success Factors- Denis de Bernardy discusses the 4 key success factors in blogging that separate the experts from the non-experts.

6. Top 10 Blogging Success Factors- Larry Brauner really digs into some great stuff to help you succeed at blogging, especially if you get into the testing aspects of Internet marketing, as I admittedly do :)

7. 13 Tips on Asking other Bloggers for Links- We are back to ProBlogger, this time from the guru himself, Darren Rowse, who gives some advice on the subject that every blogger should be beating down the door to hear.

8. How to Make Your Blog Standout in a Crowd- Mark gives some great tips, 25 in all, on how to make your blog stand out. A lot of it is technical in nature, but very easy to understand and what he says can definitely make an impact on your blogging success.

9. Secrets to Blogging Success Revealed- Zeke Camusio gives spot-on advice that any new blogger needs to hear.

10. The Blog Factor- Penny Sansevieri, our guest contributor next Tuesday, speaks to authors in this article and gives you everything you need to know to start blogging today.

Well, that’s it for this week’s trip around the net. I’m sure you have a lot of new ideas to put into practice, so good luck. And if you haven’t seen my video tips this week, you still have time before they are replaced with next week’s tips in the wee hours of Monday morning. If you are not a member of my free Weekly Videos Marketing Tips For Authors Newsletter, you can sign up now for immediate access to the current video tips.

Tony Eldridge

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