Marketing Tips Around The Net: March 20th

T GIF! That means we take a whirl around the net to see what other marketing ideas and tips experts are giving for authors. Before we do, let me remind you about a couple of other new marketing resources for you:

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Now, on to this weeks tour of the blogoshere!

1. Simple Ways to Promote Yourself Online: More great stuff from author marketing expert, Penny Sansevieri. This gem of an article will give you tips to walk away and use immediately as you develop the marketing plan for your book.

2. Plan a Great Book Launch Party: What a cool way to tell the world about your book! Read Philip Martin’s post to have him walk you through the steps to make sure your launch makes a splash.

3. Questions About Book Marketing And Promotion That Authors Should Answer As Soon As Possible: Roger Parker gives you the questions you need to be asking yourself as you think about your developing marketing plan. Your answers will help you design and create a powerful marketing plan.

4. The Most Delicious Articles About Blogging, Marketing & Writing: Laura Christianson shares her bookmarked articles that will give you great material to digest when you think of ways to market your books.

5. Super Savvy Internet Promotion: Penny Sansevieri is back with some practical advice that you can start using today when it comes to marketing your book. You won’t want to miss this article packed with marketing goodies.

6. Advice For Part Time Bloggers Juggling Blogging with Work, Family and Other Commitments: Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the work that goes into marketing your book? Darren Rowse touches on some solid principles regarding blogging that can help you manage your time and your work more efficiently.

7. Top 13 Tips To Creating A Professional Looking Newsletter: Do you have a newsletter? If not, you need to think about starting one as a bedrock of your marketing plan. Michael Wong give you some solid advice that you may not consider when creating your newsletter.

8. 10 Tips to Be Effective at Marketing on Twitter: Salwa M gives some great tips on Twitter marketing. If you don’t know about Twitter, you need to take a look at this post and then sign up for a Twitter account.

9. 10 Killer Facebook Marketing Tips: Lennie Appelquist gives some quick marketing tips if you are on Facebook, or if you are thinking about creating a Facebook account.

10. 25 Tips for Marketing Your Blog: Lee Odden wrote this classic article a couple of years ago and has updated it with new tips to keep up with the changing times.

Well, that’s it for our trip around the blogosphere and for this week’s Marketing Tips For Authors. For those in the Dallas, Texas area, I will be conducting a free Marketing Tips For Authors workshop sponsored by the Writer’s Guild of Texas on Saturday, March 28th. You can read more about this free event, including the time, location and a detailed description at the WGT Workshops & Conventions page. I hope to see you all there.

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