Marketing Tips Around The Net: May 29th

T GIF! With summer and fun at our doorstep, the weekend takes on a whole new meaning. Go play, recharge your batteries, and enjoy your family. Writing, marketing, and work are important, but the time we spend with our family and friends will be the things we remember when we can no longer write, market, and work.

If you are looking to chill with an award winning, action-adventure tale, check out my serial release of The Samson Effect. I am releasing a chapter a week. We are up to Chapter 4, but you can start at Chapter 1 now and catch up. This is the book that NY Times best-selling author calls a “first rate thriller brimming with intrigue and adventure.” It has also been acquired by a major Hollywood film producer, so be watching for The Samson Effect to come to the silver screen.

Well, since it’s Friday, that means that it’s time to look around the net for my hand-picked, ten articles from other experts that give great insight on book marketing. Here are this week’s picks:

1. Branding Exercise- Phyllis Zimbler Miller shares her skills in this simple exercise to help get the creative juices flowing.

2. Five Ways for Writers To Be Fantastically Green- VH Melville guest blogs for Carolyn Howard-Johnson with great marketing tips on how writers can go green. Check it out.

3. Would you rather be a Best-Selling Author or a Best Writing Author?- Joanna Penn addresses this age-old question. It’s one you will want to consider yourself to help you decide on how to market your book.

4. What to Do When Big Newspapers Fold- Penny Sansevieri addresses a common phenomena and what to do from a marketing standpoint when newspapers close their doors.

5. 50 Content Ideas that Create Buzz- Valeria Maltoni gives a great list of tips from Emanuel Rosen’s book, The Anatomy of Buzz Revisited.

6. Get Inspired by These Author Websites- Looking for great ideas for your website? Dana Lynn Smith shares a few author websites with you that may give you ideas for your own website.

7. 9 Tips to Help You Find More RSS Subscribers for Your Blog- Want to give your eyes a break from reading? Darren Rowse posts a video blog post to help you grow your RSS subscriber numbers.

8. Online Business Strategies to Survive the Recession: Formulating Your Marketing Plan- Jinger Jarrett shares her ideas on marketing through a recession.

9. Gabrielle S. Faust on Book Marketing- Author Gabrielle S. Faust guest blogs on Helen Ginger’s blog about how an author can engage in successful book marketing.

10. Blog Platform or Website: What Do I actually need?- Matthew Arndt gives his take on this question that authors are asking more and more.

That’s it for this week. Here’s to your marketing success and for a fun weekend. I hope I have been able to give you at least 1 tip this week that can help your marketing efforts. Make sure you sign up for my video marketing tips for authors to get even more free tips.

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