5 Amazing Ways To Market Your Brand Using Visual Content

E very bit of statistics about customer (or visitor) engagement points to a definite bias towards visual elements. This could be video or image, but content certainly cannot afford to stay limited to text alone. Apart from off-site methods that employ Instagram or Pinterest, you can get creative with your content and add more value to your visitors’ browsing experience. And, more importantly, you can build or reinforce your brand and promote it like never before.

Here are 5 amazing ways to market your brand using visual content that are the simplest and the most effective.
1. Expand upon your infographics

Chances are, you already have infographics as part of your marketing or SEO strategy – particularly on social networks. Getting visitors and marketing your brand are not quite the same. When you market your brand, it leaves a deeper impact and gets people to talk about you. It also leaves you recognizable, with certain trademark elements. When you use infographics for brand enhancement, hire a professional to create a series that will say YOU created it even if your logo isn’t on any of them. Uniqueness IS the brand. You cannot brand yourself if people keep thinking ‘What was the name of that company, again?’ or worse, if they confuse you with someone else.

Infographics are especially suitable for marketing because they can compress an overwhelming amount of information into a single piece of image, easily downloaded and distributed. Use them on-site, off-site, in your offline stores as posters, distribute them as leaflets or part of the packaging (designing custom wrapping paper or tape is not such a big deal) – just do it!

2. Video marketing is still in
Videos were always a favorite with search engines, but when you are building a brand, you need to impart a unique twist. Take a look at the Absolut videos on YouTube. The point is not whether you are going to spend a fortune on creating ad campaigns. Take note of the uniqueness of the videos instead, right from name to frame, as it were. Even if you are creating a regular video on how things work in your company (maybe you manufacture steel tubings or rubber pipes – not as inspiring as vodka, surely), keep something common in all the videos that reflect your style. The introduction, perhaps, or the closing, or the transitions. Make sure your videos bear your signature style. That’s what branding is all about.

3. Tell them who you are
This is the foundation that all your campaigns should lie on. Who are you? What do you represent? The answers ultimately depend upon your target audience. A noted jeans brand went so far as to state that their clothes were not for obese or plus-size individuals. However rude that sounds (and we don’t encourage you to be rude), it shows an extreme example of branding. You have to create a brand atmosphere whether you are targeting teens or middle aged persons – men or women or children – or pets and pet owners.

You have to think colors and music and diction and style of narration. Even your site design is a visual component and so are your newsletters (we obviously don’t mean the text based affiliate marketer style ones). Be creative, be consistent and stick to it. A reputed brand of cigarette actually lost sales when they changed the design on the packet. People take note of things even they are not aware of – cash in on that.

4. Tell them who you are
Everyone likes a good story – make yours in your own unique style and tell your customers about your history. This builds your brand as well as makes you more of a real life entity – someone (or something) with a past. Somehow, this has a hard-to-ignore emotional appeal if you manage to do it right.

5. Show them you are human
Jackie Chan admitted openly that he had to create a new style of action because he could not hope to compete with the legacy that Bruce Lee had left behind. And so, we were introduced to the Jackie brand of humor-packed action! Also, as the credits rolled, the stunt goofs were shown to the audience. All this has made Jackie Chan the loveable action star that he is, just as it has marketed his brand. Something like ‘MyCompany Fails Compilation’ could showcase your overambitious plans and how they failed. Show how your employees spend time in the office. Infuse humor in your videos or slideshows , and you’ve got yourself a winner.

These 5 amazing ways to market your brand using visual content can be tweaked in a number of ways to suit your style – or you could actually create a whole new style while you are at it. No matter what you do, if you keep in mind the basic principles we have talked about, you can’t possibly go wrong.

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